My Day to Day Nonsense


Today is payday, YAY! It then becomes bill-day, not yay. It is also my wife’s birthday. Well where did all the money go? Hmmm, I wonder. It always seems that may was made for moh-nay or the lack thereof that is.

Well as I always do, I sorted the receipts and all the papers for the month. I really need to take that hand-scanner I bought and put all these in digital format. It seems every time I come up with a new idea to get organized, I don’t plan well enough for the time involved to actually organize. I really need to setup a time schedule, so I can do all the things I enjoy and increase my knowledge.

I am still left with a stack of notes laying around that need a good home.

Finding Time to Blog

Have you ever tried to start blogging and wondered WTF am I doing? Why am I doing this? Isn’t this just more wasted time? Well, maybe so, or maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to get thoughts out of my head and make some sense out of the nonsense that invades my life daily. I am talking about everything. From waking up and having that first cup of java juice to going to work and to dealing with children who don’t listen. Might as well jot it all down. Maybe it will make a nice book, maybe someone might see a tip or two, or at least make someone laugh, if not myself. I can’t promise anything. I can’t even promise I’ll blog again tomorrow or the next week, but at least I will know its here and that I can.